Of scapulars and confession

December 13, 2016

I had lost the brown scapular I had found on my wife’s birthday. I thought, “it is the travelling scapular. It will now find somebody else and touch their lives”.

I resolved myself to receive the sacrament of reconciliation. I had not gone to confession since my first confession, and I was a little embarrassed about it. I approached a friend and told him I intended to do so. He works at the Archdiocese, which is a short walk from my office. He suggested I see Bishop Riesbeck and offered to approach him for me. I took him up on his offer. Afterwards, I contacted the Bishops office and scheduled our meeting. The earliest date we were both available was December 12, 2016, a Monday. It so happened that was the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe. I had recently built a relationship with Mary in a special way in relation to her apparition to Juan Diego, an elderly Mexican peasant of Aztec descent in 1531. I had been touched by the words she spoke to him when I read them for the first time recently, “my dear little son, I love you.” I felt her speaking to me and I was so touched. I was looking forward to her feast day.

Anyway, the date was not chosen for that purpose, but I welcomed the significance after realizing what had happened. It was after all through Mary that I had been reconciled with her Son, so it only made sense that it would be through Mary that I would be reconciled with His Church.

As I climbed the stairs of the Archdiocese to the third floor to meet Bishop Riesbeck, I felt as though a noose was tightening around my neck: I was having difficulty breathing and my lungs felt constricted. I was sweating and my collar felt tight. I threw the feeling away, knowing “it’s in God’s hands, I do away with this feeling now and move on”.

After confession I felt reinvigorated, stronger, and more confident in myself; like I had turned over a new leaf.

That night (i.e. last night), I resolved to walk to work the next morning, something I enjoy doing in the wintertime. So this morning, I went down to the basement to retrieve my packsack for the walk. I happened upon an old bag I used to use. Out of curiosity I decided to see if there was anything in it. I found a brown scapular and a miraculous medal I had lost for years.


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