Finding Alice

December 28, 2016

Today I met someone I already knew for the very first time.

I was led by Spirit to talk to her about signs and wonders and to tell her about my blog, Solomon’s Porch. And then she shared a beautiful story with me which I now share with you. Her name is K.

K’s mother had suffered a severe stroke and the doctors said that although she was lucid, over the course of three days she would gradually lose her senses and slowly slip away, because the bleeding in her brain was so severe. So K and her family sat vigil by K’s mother’s bedside at the hospital. When K’s mom had slipped into a coma, they stayed by her side and kept her company. K had heard that hearing is the last sense to go, so she spoke to mom tenderly and kept her company.

At one point while K’s mother was in a coma, K’s aunt sat with them. All were distraught and saddened by the oncoming passing of K’s mother. K’s aunt decided to get a refreshment, and mindlessly chose a Coke bottle from among many of them. This was at the time that Coca Cola had printed the names of people on their bottles. I had recently thought about a similar but altogether different idea, of putting the saints’ names and biographical information on water bottles, so as to remind people of their luminous example to the world. I noted the parallel in my mind while K spoke.

When K’s aunt returned to the bedside, she opened her Coke to take a sip and everyone noticed the name on the bottle was Alice, K’s mom’s name, who lay peacefully. Everyone got goosebumps. Out of all the names that could have been picked, K’s aunt chose that one, without noticing or seeing it. And K pointed out to me that Alice is already a rather rare name. They felt it was a sign that Alice was OK on her journey to the next life.

God works in mysterious ways. We only need to see His signs and wonders in our lives to know he is with us. As I told K before I left, “live amazed”.


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