Hold up, sit here

January 8, 2017

Yesterday while driving, a license plate caught my eye. It spelled ADLT. I took note of it, but I didn’t know what it could mean to me, so I didn’t make anything of it. 

I had been burgeoning with ideas for events I would like to organize for my parish to bring people to the Church. I was jotting them down feverishly! 

Just as I entered church today, and as mass was about to begin, I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to sit at the back of the Church in an aisle seat. But I had it in my mind that I would sit in a particular spot far away from that seat. “Hold up, sit here!” I felt the little voice saying. It was a seat apart from the pew, that had been placed just beside the pew. I thought to myself, “Why here? There is no rational reason to sit here, so I am going to sit over there. Mass is almost starting!”  

Once in my place, the idea kept knawing at me. “Am I going nuts, I thought quietly to myself, “I keep being pulled to sit over there!” So finally I yielded. Now I knew it was the Holy Spirit and that I would just have to give in, for He always has something greater planned, even if we, His little children, cannot see it from the viewpoint of our smaller stature, like children who cannot see the candle on the mantle top.
At the end of mass, I was contemplating the alter server, a gentleman I had met once before. Then, as he was walking in the procession to close the mass, he passed me by and as he walked past, he leaned in and asked me if he could meet with me after mass. Had I not been seated exactly there, where Spirit had prompted me to, then he would not have had that opportunity, for he would not have passed me by. 

When he returned to me after the procession was over, he told me that our priest had asked him to set up a new Young Adults’ Ministry for exactly all the kinds of events I have been crafting in my mind and committing to paper. He then asked me if I would join him.

When I left church, I crossed the sleepy suburban Sunday street to my car, and a single car passed me by just as I unlocked the door to my car. I noticed its license plate as it passed me by: ADLT. Like the day before, I couldn’t help but see the word “adult”, but this time, it had significance: Young Adults’ Ministry.

Glory to God in the highest!


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