On faith

This reading from the New Testament seems to me to best describe the reality of faith. In a world besieged by faithlessness, bereft of faith in God and good faith in each other, this reading stands as a truth that kindles the fire in our hearts of the innate desire we feel to know God. … More On faith

Finance Committee

February 17, 2017 My parish priest invited me Wednesday to be the chair of the parish finance committee. The invitation came as a surprise. I had been thinking of a different way of being involved. But the position and the opportunity spoke to me, and I could see myself reflected in it. I asked for … More Finance Committee

Show them the light

November 6, 2016 In my agony I received the following message while praying to Jesus for guidance, after being persistently insulted for my faith. For those who are persecuted because of their faith in Jesus, I offer this as a prayer for you to use. Be a candle but be careful not to burn people with it. … More Show them the light

Birthday boy 

February 12, 2017 Last weekend I went for a spontaneous grocery run with my mother. “We’ll walk side by side” she said sweetly, “you with your cart and me with mine”. So we did. Together we shopped for nourishment. In the car ride home, I opened up to her about my newfound relationship with Christ, … More Birthday boy 

On doubt

February 10, 2017 If you ask me to doubt the faith that I have in God, then you are asking me to open my eyes to see nothing. And if I ask you to have faith in God, then I am asking you to open your eyes to see something, that is, God and all … More On doubt