Of Gas Leaks and Kildare

February 1, 2017

I received the word “Kildare” yesterday but didn’t know why. “Kildarn?” I thought, or “Kildare?” Kildare was the word that kept coming back. I forgot to look it up and went about my busy day.

This morning just by chance I went downstairs to pray, which is not my usual place, and I happened to smell natural gas coming in from outside. Naturally, I panicked. I was worried because we have infant children in our home all day, and they mainly play in the basement. As soon as I had smelled it, it seemed to disappear and when I had asked my wife to smell, she could not detect it, so I put a carbon monoxide detector nearby and intended to keep an eye on things throughout the day.

Soon after arriving at the office, I received the word “caustic”. “Hmm,” I thought, “don’t know that one. So I looked it up. It refers to the “property of various corrosive substances.”

Then a workman came by the house by chance today to fix the washer and dryer, and he also smelled the natural gas. When I was alerted of the fact, I called for a work crew to fix the gas meter, which I later discovered was leaking. By chance I decided to go home before calling for the work crew, instead of calling from the office, and by chance my afternoon schedule was clear of client meetings, so I was able to oversee everything and really move things along. When I called the gas company, the agent I spoke to was named Charity.

By chance, my father-in-law was there when I arrived home, which was perfect, because he has been through this type of thing many times before, and so was able to advise me on how to handle the dangerous situation. I wasn’t looking forward to the phone call with the gas company, because I suspected I would need to be put on hold, or transferred, or that this or that requirement would need to be met but couldn’t be, etc. Virtually everything went smoothly. One workman came to do a preliminary check, and just as he arrived, my father happened to call, who hadn’t been apprised of the situation yet. He was able to give me some pointers on the situation too, while the workman was with me. Then a second party of workmen came to fix everything up with the first workman.

Just by chance our dryer conked out on Saturday. And by chance, before the dryer died, the cover of the outdoor dryer vent had become detached, because too much lint had accumulated (won’t make that mistake again!). This is likely what killed the dryer. It was a perfect storm of incidents, which led to the gas infiltrating the house through the vent, which alerted me of the situation in the first place.

Today I received an automatic email notifying me that it is St. Brigid’s feast day today. She is known to have founded a school of art that included metalwork and illumination, where the storied  Book of Kildare was published. There’s the word again, I thought! The Book of Kildare has been called “the work of angelic, and not human, skill,” but was lost three centuries ago. Saint Brigid is the patron saint of infants, and of cattle, among other things. I recalled driving behind license plate CALF this morning. I felt I was in her hands and that she was moving things along.

Now, my car had recently started making a new rattling sound, which emanated from beneath the vehicle. Since Monday I have been praying that the problem would get resolved quickly, because it is very difficult for me to make it to a mechanic given my busy schedule, and I was worried it would cost a lot.

When the workmen were fixing the gas meter, I was about to get back in my car and go back to work when I was prompted to take a look at the side of my car for any evidence of the source of the rattling sound. In the clear light of day, I saw for the first time a long piece of plastic hanging from beneath my car and touching the ground, which I never noticed before! So I snapped it back into place and secured it myself. Et voila, problem solved!

Later, my wife pointed out to me a hidden meaning of the word Kildare. The Holy Spirit often gives His listeners words through riddles and puns, as we read from the prophet Jeremiah. Kildare also sounds like “killed air”, an ominous significance given we had a natural gas leak.

When I had put these things together, I knew everything would work out as long as I did my part because St. Brigid was interceding for me on Christ’s behalf. When you put yourself in Christ’s arms, you begin to see these things, and you are always rescued by Him, and by the angels and saints who intercede on his behalf.

If you want the saints and angels to bless you and intercede for you in your life, just open your heart to them and pray: dear saints and angels, I am open to your intercession in my life on behalf of Jesus. Please pray for me. Amen.

Then, live amazed.


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