Hard days

February 3, 2017

Some days, stress takes its toll. Negative thoughts abound and press down on your spirit as though it were inside a French press, ready to burst. At least that’s how I feel some days. And today was just such a day. But it is always easier, and I am always happier, when I say a little prayer and put it all in the hands of Jesus. Maybe all the black holes in outer space are great vortexes into which God throws all of the anxiety and stress we ask Jesus to lift off our shoulders. “Come to me, says the Lord, “and I will give you rest.” He throws all of our sins into the great black holes to make them disappear, like a farmer who throws the chafe into the fire. All we need to do is ask. It’s like being hooked up to the internet: you just have to do a Google search, or else you won’t get any results.

I had to run home to let some workers in the house today, who were removing our broken laundry machine and dryer. My day was stressful as it was, and now this was getting me off my game. While driving back to the office I prayed to Jesus and I committed to redoubling my efforts to evangelize and spread His Gospel message of truth, love and reconciliation, for I felt I had not done enough of it today. I thought, I want to do so not halfheartedly, but fully.

Not a even a minute later, I reached the end of the street I was on and pulled up to a four-way stop sign. At the same time, another car pulled up to the same intersection to my immediate left. It had the custom license plate “LFC 11”.

Christ sends us signs if we are open to them, and our life becomes a great narrative, sewn with the golden thread of light, true happiness, love and truth. The meanings are those that only we know, and they are for us to understand, for as Christ taught us, God has counted all of the hairs on our heads. He makes sure the birds have enough food to eat; how much more, then, He will make sure that we His children get by! There is enough evil to deal with each day, so sweat not about the morrow.

I have written elsewhere that I see an inordinate number of pairs, and I know they come from Him. They especially appear when I have finished praying, or while I am praying, or when I am merely thinking of Him, or after I have done a deed for Him. On clocks, on receipts, on gas meters and birds that fly by.

I had just been thinking about redoubling my efforts to better serve Christ. “Hmm, I thought, as I drove past the car, “11 LFC.” Not a second went by and it hit me: Life For Christ.


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