Birthday boy 

February 12, 2017

Last weekend I went for a spontaneous grocery run with my mother. “We’ll walk side by side” she said sweetly, “you with your cart and me with mine”. So we did. Together we shopped for nourishment.

In the car ride home, I opened up to her about my newfound relationship with Christ, and about the signs and wonders he keeps sending me, especially in numbers and pairs. I’ve observed it long enough I said to her, and the results are in. Statistically, the odds are too small for these signs to be happening by some fluke so frequently, so I know it is Him. And I have witnessed other signs and wonders in my life, including words of knowledge and of wisdom I receive regularly, which are on point every time, and not in some distant way, but in a “scary” way. And what’s more, the results are in for this scientifically and philosophically inclined person: prayer results every time in actual results. The conclusion? God knows you like nobody else does, and He is crazy about you. Ask, and He can’t wait to come crashing into your life like a great beneficent wave, and raise you up towards the heavens, to make come true His plan for you, and your truest happiness. Everything He does for us is perfectly, scarily catered exactly to our needs, His children. It is like my friend, Chris Keyes puts it. Having the Lord as your Dad is like having a wealthy, prestigious father who can line up any possibility you could ever want, forever. You just have to ask. Live in the spirit, not in doubt; put your pride aside and be small enough to ask.

Now if there is one woman who is a bit of a harder sell on my talking about seeing signs and wonders in my life, it’s my dear mother, whom I love so much, though she too is Catholic. 

We had a beautiful Sunday afternoon, as friends. I told her how much I felt Mother Mary is with her. And I also felt a greater degree of acceptance on her behalf of my talk about Christ, something one needs to be careful doing. You may think you are pulling a person towards you with a rope as it were, when speaking about Christ, not realizing that the rope is in fact tied to a pulley behind them, and tied around their waist; so the more you pull, the further from you they slide away. But I felt that my words were reaching someplace deep.

There is a liquor store beside the grocery store we were at, and as we left the grocery store I asked spontaneously whether she wanted to buy any wine. I thought “of course Lord, given what is happening, you are going to have us touch your precious blood” but I said nothing while I waited for her answer. My mother accepted and so we did. I prayed that I wasn’t mistaken in thinking my words had connected with her.

The following weekend we went to Montreal as a family to celebrate my father’s birthday. “Our room is 213!” she exclaimed to me happily about the hotel room she and my father had been assigned. “Your father’s birthday is 2/13! What are the chances of that?” It was a five story hotel with likely 500 rooms, and that was the only possible room with his birthday coordinates. It was assigned to him on his birthday weekend, and none of the hotel staff knew his birthday was coming up. This is the way Christ works, and it is up to us to see the loving signs He leaves for us to find and to connect with Him. “It was aligned” she said to me. And I smiled.

To top everything off, we attended a beautiful service at the Notre Dame Cathedral.


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