Show them the light

November 6, 2016

In my agony I received the following message while praying to Jesus for guidance, after being persistently insulted for my faith. For those who are persecuted because of their faith in Jesus, I offer this as a prayer for you to use.

Be a candle but be careful not to burn people with it. Live in this world and be cunning in it, like the shrewd manager in Christ’s parable in Luke 16; not for evil nor by evil means, but for good and by good means.

People will because of their selfishness complain against your display of faith. Be guided by the Holy Spirit not to needlessly offend those who would be offended because of their weak selfishness. Go to those the Spirit guides you towards to express your faith to them and to share in God’s eternal greatness.

Those you love will try to hold you back. Because they love you, you are to them as an anchor for their selves, giving them safety. Now they see this new unpredictable side of you, your relationship to Me, and they are scared, because they feel their ship is not moored to its anchor, in the idea they had of you which made them feel secure.

Do not let their selfishness take you away from Me, but show them the light of who you are on account of Me, by your grace. They will know Me through you that way. But do not force my message on them, for it is not for weak ears.

Show them the light and they will follow it.


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