Palm trees and breakthroughs

February 15, 2017

Tonight I had a major breakthrough after much prayerful silent suffering. Before receiving the breakthrough, I received the words “you will receive a gift” as I went upstairs. I had no idea why I would be receiving these words, and the difficult issue I was going through wasn’t even on my mind. After the breakthrough, I was prompted to go downstairs to thank Jesus privately in prayer, so I did, with my hand up on the crucifix that is mounted on the wall. While doing so, I received the word “palmier”. Not knowing what it was, I looked it up. 

Palmier is French for “palm tree.” Then I remembered that palm leaves were placed by Christ’s followers as a carpet to greet Him, honour Him and thank Him on His triumphal entrance into Jerusalem before His passion. Honouring and thanking Him is what I was doing at the time I received the word.

I also learned that its symbolic Christian meaning is success, victory and triumph.


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